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Studio Dwell rebrands for 2024 and beyond!


Function. Intention. Composition.


We partner with developers to conceive dynamic and engaging commercial environments tailored to contemporary lifestyles encompassing work, leisure, and residence. Our design methodology meticulously considers your brand essence and strategic objectives, leveraging our considerable expertise to seamlessly guide each project. Central to our philosophy is the meticulous orchestration of all integral elements pivotal for community prosperity, spanning architectural and landscaping facets to brand identity and property administration. From project initiation through to fruition, we maintain close collaboration with general contractors, diligently supervising project implementation to ensure faithful realization of the envisioned outcome. Our steadfast commitment to superior quality guarantees a finished product that surpasses anticipations, leaving a lasting impression.

Our Process

Schematic Design: Demographic & Market Research I Space Planning & Programming I Concept & Color Review I Budget Estimating

Design Development: Floorplan Review I Interior Finish Selections I Detail Development I Millwork Drawings I FF&E Selections I Budget Refinement I Presentations

Construction Documents: Floorplans I Wall Finish Plans I Interior Elevations & Details I Finish Schedules I Lighting, Plumbing, Equipment & Accessory Specifications I Exterior & Landscape Finish Review & Coordination

Procurement: Full service, turn-key procurement I Management of Tracking, Storage & Delivery of FF&E until installation

Project Management: Coordination with GC I Submittal Reviews I RFI Responses I Shop Drawing Reviews I Site Visits

Installation: Full FF&E Installation I Final Client Walks & Punch List Completion