Christmas Party 2018

Posted by Studio Dwell

Another successful Holiday Party was pulled off by our intrepid leaders! Always a surprise, always wonderful!

CLUE #1 – A mini bottle of hot sauce left at each of our work stations! Not everyone got the same bottle….was that a hidden clue too!?! Either way – We like spicy!
CLUE #2 – Dress code: Casual to VERY Casual! Your choice. Who doesn’t like a onesie ??
CLUE #3 – The big reveal, 2 days before the party!

As we were treated to fresh churros, trimmings and horchata from Modern Tortilla, the owners handed out the invites revealing the final details.

Included in the taco shaped invite was a $100 bill to be used for an Uber or taxi, along with directions to CRUjiente Tacos in Phoenix. As part of the festivities we would be treated to a chef demonstration by Owner/Chef Richard Hinojosa (featured on “Chopped”) as he prepared one of his house specialties – Ceviche’, followed by lunch of specialty tacos and desert, and a “Platinum” elephant gift exchange!

These three… Work / Fun balance is what it’s all about!

Friday was all about the fun!!

Thanks again to these three – best in the biz!! ….. Leaving us wondering “What will next year bring?”