Interior Designer and Triplet Supermom: A Week in the Life of Cheyenne White

Posted on: October 5th, 2017 by Studio Dwell

To all you mothers out there, we salute you. Seriously, how do you do it? You’re up in the wee hours of the morning with crying babies, changing a million diapers a day, constantly researching the best products and healthiest foods to give your children. At the same time, you’re taking care of pets, keeping your house clean, working and trying to keep your sanity. Major kudos to all you incredible, multi-tasking geniuses.

We all know taking care of and raising a child is exhausting. But have you ever thought about being responsible for three? AT THE SAME TIME? You might be on the verge of a panic attack just thinking about it.

Meet Cheyenne White

Studio Dwell interior designer and triplet supermom. If you’ve ever wondered how a mom of triplets thrives and survives, here’s Cheyenne’s personal perspective into what a typical week looks like as a real-life supermom.

Interior Designer and Mom

Nobody Plans for Triplets. Seriously.

On any given week my alarm goes off at 5:15, but I’m already awake listening to one of the triplets play in their crib. I get ready and get on the road by 6:15 crossing my fingers that it will be an uneventful day at home. I, along with my husband Greg, work 40 hour weeks, so we’re professional jugglers at this point. We’re always on the go. On any given day, we might have a doctor’s appointment to run to. Helmets, glasses, pediatrician, what have you.

Having a “Busy Week” is an Understatement

If taking care of three and having a job wasn’t enough, we also were just in the process of selling our home. This particular week, we had a house showing at 3 p.m (right in the middle of nap time) so, I had to pack up three babies, two dogs, get the house cleaned up and find a place to hang out while they showed the house. I had to go through the checklist in my head… Do I have enough diapers? Do I need baby snacks? Bottles? Toys? Stroller? Check. Check. Check. Check. Off we go! Once we were able to come home, it was dinner time. This is like feeding the three bears. One eats everything, one eats most of it, and one just picks and pushes at the food. Then it’s play time for the kiddos in what we affectionately call the “baby jail.”

Then it’s bath, bottles and bed. My brain is still in full motion, but I’m finally able to fall asleep around 11.

Sleep? What’s Sleep?

Around 1 a.m., I awake to the sound of our dog Doug whining to get in bed with us. 3 a.m., a little voice wakes me up again… “uh oh… uh oh… ooo…eeeiii!!!” Then crying. I go in and snuggle the one who is awake and re-binkie him as quietly as possible so as not to wake the other two who will, inevitably, wake and scream together. Then I have to try to soothe all 3. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. At 5:15, the other dog, Molly, is whining to get in bed with us. When 6:15 rolls around, it’s time to leave for work.

Hump Day and the End of the Week

On Wednesday’s and Thursday’s, I work a little longer while Greg takes care of the kiddos. I drink my body weight in coffee to make up for the sleep deficit. Thank you Studio Dwell for keeping this sleepy designing mama well caffeinated!!

Life of an Interior Designer

At 7 p.m., I’ll drive home, barely walk in the door and take over the bedtime routine for our triplets since Greg has been at it all day. There will be laughing, crying, binkie stealing, book reading, and tooth brushing.  

Friday, 12:30 p.m., I sign off and out. Head home to pack the trio up for their big development evaluation. Being preemie triplets entitles us to more doctors appointments than you can even imagine. Cranial helmets, baby glasses, pediatric development, pediatrician, pediatrician surgeon, early intervention… the list goes on. We could practically be doctors for how much we’ve learned, and we joke that Banner Desert should have a whole wing named after us.

So off we go, 35 minutes north to our big appointment. I park and unload the semi-truck, ( also known as a double stroller) and I strap on the baby carrier. I open doors myself as I push and pull the unwieldy stroller. People stare, smile and giggle… especially when they were all in helmets. Or they tell me how full my hands are or how blessed we are.

Triplet Mom

3 hours later, 3 meltdowns, and 1 massive poopy diaper later, we are packing up to leave and go home. The backseat is peaceful and quiet all the way home. I try to enjoy it because once we get home it will be a total tornado until the last goodnight kiss.

Interior Design Mom

At the end of the day, I collapse on the couch with my phone and maybe (probably) a glass of wine. I think about the mountain of laundry, the unswept floors, and the boxes yet to be unpacked from our move. But my tank is on empty, and it will all be there tomorrow.

Being a Supermom

“Supermom?” “I could never do that,” you might say. Yes, yes you could. I’m just doing what every mom in my shoes does every day, and I couldn’t have come this far without my Studio Dwell family.