Requesting Your Family Photos!

Posted by Studio Dwell

One of the parts we love most about interior design is being able to stage model homes and make them look cozy for people who are looking for their next perfect place of residence. It’s amazing what furniture and a little decorating can do to an empty space! Part of this process includes having pictures up on the walls to add that subtle warmth and homey touch to the spaces we transform.

This is where we need YOUR help! We are asking for photo submissions of you and your family to be used in our staged model homes. Help us make our model homes come to life! We are looking for  wholesome, high quality, fun-loving photos of your family and pets.

We’ve included a few example photos below. Please send multiple (different) images if possible. Submissions can be emailed to Rachael at

Photo Requirements:

  • High quality images (bigger the better, we will handle resizing)
  • Wholesome family, or family and pet pictures
  • Please send multiple (different) photos so we have options, or can use several within the same model home

Thank you! We look forward to seeing your beautiful families.