The Secret Life of Studio Dwell: Pet Edition

Posted on: July 12th, 2017 by Studio Dwell

There’s a lot more to this talented crew of Scottsdale interior designers than meets the eye. During the day you’ll find us brainstorming new creative ideas, visiting residential spaces, or meeting with clients. We keep it professional, but deep down we’re just a crazy bunch of pet lovers!


Our cats and dogs bring so much joy to our lives, and even science says there are health benefits to owning a pet .You can be healthier by just snuggling with these little furry creatures! What could be better?? Owning a pet can decrease stress, ease pain, improve your mood, and even turn you into a social butterfly.


We want to share a few snapshots of our furry, loveable animal-family with you!   


Alyssa's Cat


Alyssa Baginsky’s cat, Merlin

Amber's dog

Amber Marshall’s dog, Diego


Audra's dog


Audra Marscovetra’s cat, Tokyo


Cheyenne's dogs


Cheyenne White’s dogs, Molly and Doug


Darla's dog


Darla Black’s dog, Pitch


Interior Design Dog Owner


Gina Meno’s dog, Sly


Interior Design Dog Owner


Jessica Blake’s dog, Kai


Interior Design Dog Owner


Jesy Thelen’s dog, Quinn


Scottsdale Interior Design


Kristi DeMarco’s dogs, Domino and KC


Scottsdale Interior Design


Kristin Germano’s dog, Kali


Scottsdale Interior Design


Laura Eichenberger’s dog, Cooper


Interior Design


Martin Rodriguez’s dog, Ming


Interior Design


Rachael Ashley’s dogs, Murphy and Caleb


Interior Design Dog


Samantha Mueller’s dog, Sophie



Tayler Tucker’s dog, Teddie


Interior Design Cat


Tessa O’Bert’s cat, Thea


Interior Design Pup


Lanisa Estrada-Helms’ dog, Baby